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Shopsmith Ovararm Pin Router
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Figure 22-27. Some of the structural joints that can be formed with the routing system. Click on image for larger view.

The overarm mode of the routing system is an excellent way to make a wide variety of structural joints for cabinets and furniture projects of all types (Figure 22-27).

The router bit's high operating speed allows it to make cuts that are cleaner than those produced by a table saw. And in some cases (like the mortise for a mortise and tenon), it will perform operations that simply cannot be done on the table saw.

Generally, most joints are formed by using un-piloted straight bits with the workpiece being guided by a fence, miter gauge and/or stops to control and limit the depths-of-cut. This capability provides the advantage of repetition, ensuring that every cut will be identical to the last.

As with other routing system operations, it's often best to back up the exit sides of through cross-grain cuts with scrap blocks (or to allow sufficient extra stock so that some can be removed after the initial cuts are made) to prevent unsightly tear-outs.

In some cases (such as square-cornered mortise and tenons), the corners of the joints will require squaring with a chisel after they've been cut. However, if you're producing a rounded mortise (which is perfectly acceptable in most cases), you'll have to round the ends of the matching tenon with a file or pocketknife to match the mortise. Another option is to cut the tenon shorter so its square corners will slip inside the rounded ends of the mortise.

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